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Les plantes d'Okinawa deviendront "collantes" en secouant leurs feuilles et leurs feuilles au milieu d'un typhon. Cependant, le changement après la tempête de fer (guerre d'Okinawa) est trop rapide. Après tout, je voulais créer un "lieu pour penser à des choses" tranquillement et calmement. Il y a environ 20 ans, pour moi qui ai fait des collections telles que Makoto Ueno, Kaethe Kollwitz, Giorgio Luau, en 1983, la rencontre avec M. Marika Maruki et M. Shun est devenue un événement fatal. Le mari et la femme voulaient mettre "la figure de la guerre à Okinawa" à Okinawa. Notre souhait a été exaucé et une partie de la base militaire américaine de Futenma a été restituée en 1992 et il a été possible d’ouvrir le musée le 23 novembre 1994. Le thème de la collection est unifié avec la vie et la mort, la souffrance et le soulagement, et l'être humain et la guerre. Le bâtiment a été construit dans le prolongement de la ligne de coucher du soleil du 23 juin (Jour de la Consolation), dans le respect de la guerre d'Okinawa. Ce musée d'art est également inclus dans le World Peace Museum publié par l'ONU en 1995. J'espère que ce musée sera un endroit où vous pourrez sentir "Ah, c'était bon de venir." comme au musée d'orsay tarifs.

★ Maruki Sori, Maruki Shun co-production ・ “Okinawa warfare chart” continuous part 14 ・ Maruki Sori sumi ink 30 points ・ Maruki Shun watercolor ・ oil painting 10 points ★ Kate Koruwitz ・ “War series” “Peasant war” etc. 50 Points ★ Georges Rouault ・ “Missilele” “Evil Flower” “Passion” etc. 170 prints ★ Makoto Ueno ・ “Amino field series” “Hiroshima trilogy” etc. 170 points ★ Writer from Okinawa ・ Kouchi studies , Sanjomi Nobu, Gima Hiroshi, etc. 30 points ★ Japanese print artist ・ Ueno Tadashi, Komura Takao, Nakayama Takayoshi, Fukasawa Yukio, Maruyama Koji, etc. 50 points Maruki Sori, Maruki Shun "figure of Okinawa war" (4 m × 8.5m) The other 4 works are on permanent display in the 3rd exhibition room. Other collections will be exhibited one after another with a couple of months of rotation. We also hold planning exhibitions such as the Okinawa Circuit Exhibition of the Japan Printing Association. Please call for details.

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● Exhibition information Until March 3, 2003 (Month 2nd, 3rd Exhibition Room) Noriyuki Maruki Satoshi Ikido "Pictures of Okinawa War" Exhibition Shun Maruki Based on the testimony of people who experienced Okinawa war, An “Okinawa Battle Diagram” (4 x 8.5 m) drawn by many of them as a model will tell the truth of the war. Students and students come from all over the country during the school trip season. We explain explanation of figure of Okinawa war in hall. It is noisy and I think that it often causes trouble, but please try to hear the explanation together if you like. Please contact us in advance if you would like to watch it quietly. January 15 (Wed.)-March 3 (Mon.) Hymn of Life Exhibition [A painter who drew the picture book of the atomic bomb for the first time with the sister of the late Maruki Marika] She is currently 93 years old. It is different from my brother, Sato, who left her hometown and walked the way of her favorite painter. I hate to draw. However, I lost my husband due to the explosion of the fireworks factory, and I got a paintbrush at the end of crying. I was 60 years old. I moved to Saitama and drew animals and flowers at the nearby "Ketakebashi". The 36-year-old was exposed to radiation, and was at home 2.5 km away from the bomb. Bare bone, face with black holes in the eyes and nose. I remember all the misery. I think that the picture of the atomic bomb and the great brother and Shun's couple would be a great picture. But not. "It's not such an imposing. Everyone gets raged and more shabby." Work to pull out heavy memories is three months. "Don't draw anymore." The last eight was the finishing stage, and I drew many black lines that I could write. The original style of painting is fine and colorful. Though it is a rough thing of this picture. "Oh, it's good, this is fine." I'm still standing at that moment. Excerpt from Asahi Shimbun 2002.10.29 March 5 (Wed)-April 7 (Mon) The light of the carved chopsticks Atsushi Kinoshita World exhibition of pencils It is not a person who sees what you see as a painter, but you see it A person who wants to look at something not found. Kinoshita's aging skin is a place where visible and invisible things constantly cross, leaving a trace of survival time. -The look of Kinoshita looking at the deep abyss in a deeply carved wrinkling makes Kate Kollwitz, who has seen human dignity, glimpse the people who live in poor towns. The half-life of Kinoshita, who has been haunted by poverty and hunger, is also overlapped with Jean-Baljan, the protagonist of "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo. When the innumerable folds of his own resonate with the life of the model, the "raw" traces touched by the pencils of Kinoshita appear as the light of the wrinkles.

1-2 Address 1-2 901-2204 上 Uehara, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture TEL 098-893-5737 FAX 098-893-6948 E-mail 利用 Usage Information Opening Hours 9: 30 ~ 17 : 00 Closed Hall Date Tuesday / Year-end New Year Entrance Room fee Entrance fee Group discount Disabled discount Adult ¥ 700 ¥ 630 ¥ 350 Middle high ¥ 600 ¥ 540 ¥ 300 Dwarf ¥ 300 ¥ 200 ¥ 150 * Admission fee from 1st January 2002 Has been partially revised. please note that. ※ For disabled person discount, up to 1 attendant can apply. -For disabled people and small children-One wheelchair is always available. Barrier-free in the hall. There is disabled room priority toilet. There is no facility such as a baby room or baby bed, but if you are a guest, please contact the staff information. ~ Tearoom ~ We offer a rich tearoom with green shade. We offer a variety of delicious blended coffee and herbal tea specially selected by the museum. Go ahead and use it, please. ~ Transportation information ・ ・ If you come by car, please go north from the Naha Airport to Route 58 or Route 330 and aim at the Ginowan City Hall. Please look at the detailed map when coming close.・ For those arriving by bus, please take numbers 27 and 90 and get off at the "Uehara" stop near Ginowan City Hall. It is a 3-minute walk. ※ There is "Uehara" in bus route of the 98th, the 102nd. Please be careful not to make a mistake.

Saiki Museum of Art Document Marika Rino, Maruki Shun Oki Battle of War Illustration of Saiki Museum of Art Produced by: Atsushi Moriguchi "The Battle of Okinawa" is drawn based on the testimony of people who have experienced Okinawa war The People's war experiences and pictures are in "the relationship between the iceberg and the tip of the iceberg". While the testimony was still fine, I created a video. It is used in many schools as advance learning for school trips. Saeki Museum of Art ○ Testimony Eoe Toshi (Kumejima residents massacre survivors) Kanajo Shigeaki (Tokashiki island group self-determination survivors) Miyagi Kikuko (Himeuri student students survivors) Osamu Hirara (Pastor of the Japanese Christian Church Sajiki Church) Atsumi Hirayoshi Yoshiki (Saiki Art Museum designer) ○ Photograph by Motohashi Seiichi Photobook “The Painter of the Two” (from Akinbunsha) Production staff Narration Mayumi Ueda Takeshi Nitta Akihito Nitta Sound effect Keiya Takada outing Makoto Moriguchi supervision Osamu Osamu Miki Saki Price \ 3500 (including shipping cost) Time 30 minutes Nimaru Maru No Tani Giri House, 丸 描 俊 俊 沖 沖 沖 If you wish, please apply by phone or fax. Please make payment using the transfer form that will be sent later. After confirmation, we will send you the product.

Guide to the “Saiki Art Museum Friends' Meeting” The main purpose of the association is to support the operation of the Saki Art Museum, and through its activities, it aims to improve one's own effort and improve local culture. «Membership Benefits of Friends» You can enter many times free of charge without taking a permanent exhibition or special exhibition. Information on each event (exhibitions, lectures, etc.) of our plan is received, and you can participate by discount preferentially. You can get the news every time you change the display. ★ Fees ¥ 3,000 annually ★ Period 1 year from the date of admission «Enrollment procedure» You can always join the “Sakai Art Museum Friends Association”. Please apply at the museum reception if you wish to become a member. If you apply by mail, please pay the annual fee after adding the necessary information to the separate payment notification form. Please contact the secretariat if you have any inquiries regarding "friends' association".

Museum Link Mutual Link ■ Okinawa Information of Atsushi Moriguchi Website of the author who is famous for "The Last Student Soldier", "Children", etc. In addition, recently the BIC comic "Island of Light" (Akira Oze), based on "Children", is being serialized. ■ Maruki Art Museum The art museum of Mariko Susumu Maruki and Shun Maruki who drew the "Picture of the Battle of Okinawa", which is permanently displayed in the museum's third exhibition room. ■ Okinawa Prefectural Museum A museum located in Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. There is prefectural art university, Shuri Castle nearby. Closed on Monday. ■ Gallery Okinawa One of the galleries known to be long-established in Okinawa. ■ Okinawa Club "info-> art" contains information such as dates and contact information for each art museum. ■ Painter Toshiaki Hiramatsu is a painter who has had a three-man show with Mr. Maruki Marika. Click here for detailed exhibition information. ■ A permanent facility demonstrating Ryukyuan dance in Okinawa's traditional culture. You can also study traditional culture as experiential learning. ■ Open House This page is artist Shun Tonami, who works in the museum entrance, routing guide, coffee shop entrance, etc. ■ Prefectural Kaiho High School A student of the arts department of Kaiho High School, led by Prof. Mitsuru Kinjo, led a project called "Stone Voice" and "Recollection of Iron" at the Sakishin Art Museum, calling the excitement of many people. You can see the design in "art department" → "art course" → "past approach"! Other links Link name HP_index Link date Bite page information Museum information ■ Ginowan city hall main 010103 City hall near the museum. If you do not know the way, please aim at this. museum ■ Travel Link main 010223 It is a page of the information about "travel" of each prefecture. museum ■ Information search Okinawa main 010301 If you want to find out about Okinawa, please click here!